[Press Release] High Kick: The Musical

Santa Monica, CA (September 28, 2011) - “High Kick”, the title of the new original, non-verbal sports musical scored by Woody Pak, will begin its official two month run on October 8, 2011 at the Yeongdongpo CGV Art Hall in Seoul, Korea.  The new musical, produced by Seol & Company of Korea, is based around the sport of soccer and incorporates acrobatics, sepak tacraw, martial arts, b-boying, and dance to create a true performance art show.  Woody’s exciting, dynamic music, provides the pulsating foundation upon which the artists can shine.

“Calculation of trajectories for balls kicked to the sides of the stage so as to control them as they jump in every which direction, LED screens over the top of the stage to provide continuity to the flow of the story, adhesion to the actors’ every motion utilizing Woody Pak’s music that amplifies the dynamics of the sports contests, all contribute to the heightened sense of completeness” -  Dahoon Jung, Segye Times. 

The show presents sports performance with humor, playfulness and an impressive athletic cast that can boast professional soccer, gymnastics, and martial arts backgrounds.  Most notable are cast members Yungjo Choi, one of the original cast members of the martial arts based musical, “Jump” and the amazing technical virtuosity of Mam and Nanni, Thailand’s national Sepak Takraw champions.  The international cast and production is already scheduled to appear at the Edinburgh Festival in 2012. 

“Sports, like dance, is full of rhythm and dynamic energy, which made composing for High Kick a wonderful and challenging experience,” says composer Woody Pak. “To discover the inherent musical cadence within the flow of soccer was a revelation for me.  Because soccer is both explosive and finessed it was the perfect medium to create a sonic sphere of extremes and subtlety.” 

For Woody, an accomplished United States-based composer for film, television, and musicals, this project was his first foray into composing for an original Korean musical.  Recruited by the Seol producers to bring a sense of global appeal to the music, Woody has been pleased by the intense creative collaboration and is proud of the results.  In particular, the finale, “I Love Soccer”, provides a rousing end to the show and is sure to keep the crowd singing long after the show is over.  


Living Portrait

Living Portrait is an interactive audio-visual installation commissioned by the New York Asian Women's Center. The installation was presented at the Edward Hopper Studio, Silver School of Social Work and various locations throughout NYU, 2008.

Created by Heather Greer and Liubo Borissov with musical contributions by me, Living Portrait gives voice to the remarkable women in the Asian immigrant communities who strive to break the cycle of domestic violence. The artists worked with members of The New York Asian Women’s Center and victims of domestic violence to tell their stories and inspire social awareness and public engagement. The project was funded by private donors and through a grant from The Asian Women Giving Circle.

In the work, original interview footage is transformed through a hand-drawn computer-aided process into an ever-changing composite portrait that preserves the dignity and identity of the women, while creating a unique and powerful visual language to deliver their stories. As viewers pass by, their movement and shape is woven into the ongoing video narrative.



Having discovered Seriously at 2006 Kollaboration, I produced and recorded 2 EP's with these talented young men: Seriously and On the Mark. The EPs were released on my label, Chaos Theory Music. The band completed a successful college tour in 2008, partnering with A3M, Asian American Donor Program and the Cammie Lee Foundation on a quest for potential bone marrow donors in the Asian American community across college campuses. Check out some of the tracks from the EPs below.


Hyped Urban Remix

"I can't even remember what the original version sounded like, but this single is pretty strong. Yes, there are plenty of "hype vs. soul" raps out there but this one benefits from production that's slicker than snot on a doorknob and a true band with Uplift Mojo Party Plan-era energy. The powerful arrangement of horns, a killer bassline, and even a guitar solo make it a perfect opening for the next NBA All-Stars game. The dub version by Milkmade 46 cools it down with some drum and bass beats and lounge-jazz elements. That's for the afterparty."

Martin Wong, Giant Robot Magazine.


Available on iTunes.



February 27, 2007 (Los Angeles, CA) – “HYPED Urban Remix” is the title of the new rock-rap ‘crossover’ single by producer / composer Woody Pak and featured rapper Prime on the LA label, Chaos Theory Music. The song is the first in line amongst Chaos Theory Music’s upcoming series of singles called the “Out of the Box” series, which will showcase songs by producer Woody Pak featuring various artists and rap artists to literally cross over and mash up musical genres and styles. Exclusively releasing on the company’s online store in both CD and digital formats complete with digital files of the artwork and lyrics, the “HYPED Urban Remix” EP Single carries 3 different versions of the track, including the Radio Edit, Album Version and the Milkmade 46 Dub. As CEO and producer of the “Out of the Box” series, Woody Pak who is simultaneously an accomplished guitarist, composer and music producer, showcases his unique penchant for thinking ‘out of the box’ of traditional music genres and to seamlessly meld various sounds. “My influences are quite diverse and I always make it a point to bring them together to form something new. I grew up heavily influenced by Led Zeppelin, Van Halen, and Ozzy Osbourne. As a session guitarist in college I grew to love hiphop and funk. Making ‘HYPED Urban Remix’ was a great opportunity to bring these seminal influences together in a forceful and groovy way.” Woody Pak’s remix is a street-inspired re-arrangement of “Hyped”- the haunting sevenbeat funk rock single previously released on his debut album, Mood Spheres (Chaos Theory Music, 2006). The track was first born out of Woody Pak’s original score for E-dreams (Cinema Forever, 2001), a documentary film about the rise and fall of the 1990s dot com frenzy and the ensuing market crash of April 2000. In a new twist, “HYPED Urban Remix” evokes the same unprecedented highs and frantic reversals of fortune of life in the urban jungle, much like Wall Street, where fighting for the chance to reach the heights of success is often met with the reality of mediocrity (“fly so high, fly so low”).

Guest Artist, Prime, lyricist and rapper, an emerging LA rap artist and Woody Pak’s former student, shines in his ability to incorporate the complex rhythm of the song into his fresh rap style, sharing with the audience his talent for overcoming boundaries of genre; instead displaying his openness to embrace all forms of musical expression. “Collaborating with Woody has been really out of the box for me. I want to be at that edge, though. It’s different. It’s a new sound. I feel like the song’s helped me venture off into other genres of music,” says Prime. Along with the single, Chaos Theory Music is releasing a  music video of the song to be aired on the company’s Youtube channel as well as website. A collage of footage evoking the ‘hype’ surrounding the making of the single, as well as live performance footage and animated images of the urban jungle, the “Hyped” music video features creative contributions by filmmaker and editor Peter Yunho Chung, and animator Hakjoon Kang. Another short  documentary, “Out of the Box: HYPED Urban Remix,” directed by award-winning filmmaker Dean Lim, will feature interviews of Woody Pak and Prime.

Chaos Theory Music, the premier record label for emerging crossover artists, is pleased to present Woody Pak’s new release to audiences. “Hyped Urban Remix” embodies the essence of the crossover movement, seeking to create music unfettered by the boundaries of genre. The scientific theory of Chaos, aka the butterfly effect, states that even the mere flutter of a butterfly’s wings can radically change the course of events a world away. Chaos Theory Music is poised to be that subtle yet powerful new force that will impact the music world, build new communities and change the way music is made. The seemingly “chaotic” approach of the label’s crossover sound is all about ‘getting out of the box,’ being open to intuition and inspiration, pushing the idea of musical creation to a new level utilizing a wider, broader and deeper spectrum of sounds and styles.