The premise of this story really intrigued me and being a huge fan of sci-fi, without any hesitation I happily threw myself into creating the score for director E.B. Rhee's short film, The Garden. The first thing he told me was that he didn't want a typical sci-fi score - that is, bombastic orchestration and the like. Instead he was looking for something more on the "alternative" side - whatever that meant! After some discussion we agreed that the goal would be to evoke suspense, action, and tension by sonically engaging the audience with electronic/inorganic sounds blended together with some traditional elements such as piano, strings, and low brass. The result was a nice interplay of moody textures of hard to identify origin blended together with melodic material that was often more gestural punctuations accenting what was happening visually. It almost bordered on sound design at times however this is not surprising as the line between music and sound design grows more and more blurry as films and their sonic footprints evolve.  

The Garden is a proof-of-concept film based on a new feature screenplay - a sci-fi reimagining of "Paradise Lost". This was my first collaboration with director E.B. Rhee and writer Aaron Strongoni (Linsanity). The project was also fortunate to get producer Polly Johnsen attached (Wrath of the Titans, Slumdog Millionaire, Harry Potter films) to develop the project to a feature film.  Deadline article here.