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[Press Release]

Woody Pak’s New Album - Mood Spheres on October 23, 2006

Los Angeles, CA and New York, NY- CHAOS THEORY MUSIC is excited to announce Woody Pak’s new album, Mood Spheres. Pak's album, 'Mood Spheres' is a collection of pieces from his oeuvre of film/ documentary scores as well as original songs. Melding electronic sounds with rock guitar and classical instrumentation, Pak not only sets a distinct ambience in each track but evokes in the listener a variety of emotions through his dramatic and prolific musical style. Mood Spheres is a long-awaited glimpse into the quirky, dramatic and moody world of Pak's music. The Mood Spheres album will be available on iTunes.

Musicologist Paul J. Yoon (Bowling Green University) said, "For nearly a decade, Woody Pak has provided the soundtrack for Asian America. From the stage (Making Tracks, The Wedding Banquet) to the big screen (The Grace Lee Project, Miss Monday), his music has sonically framed the work of Asian American directors. Mood Spheres gathers his strongest compositions from films and documentaries covering topics ranging from the 1994 Rwandan genocide (In the Tall Grass) to the tailspin of a dot-com-era company (e-Dreams). After first sampling these songs, it may appear to be a stylistically eclectic mix that variously takes from "world beat"/techno ("Agitato"), ethereal and reverberant soundscapes ("Train Ride"), or stirring neo-Classical orchestration ("Perfection"). However, these songs are linked by an underlying gravity that lends them a depth and intricacy that comes through only after multiple listenings. Besides the instrumental tracks on Mood Spheres, there are also lyrical songs that exhibit the same emotional complexity."

Available on iTunes.