Living Portrait

Living Portrait is an interactive audio-visual installation commissioned by the New York Asian Women's Center. The installation was presented at the Edward Hopper Studio, Silver School of Social Work and various locations throughout NYU, 2008.

Created by Heather Greer and Liubo Borissov with musical contributions by me, Living Portrait gives voice to the remarkable women in the Asian immigrant communities who strive to break the cycle of domestic violence. The artists worked with members of The New York Asian Women’s Center and victims of domestic violence to tell their stories and inspire social awareness and public engagement. The project was funded by private donors and through a grant from The Asian Women Giving Circle.

In the work, original interview footage is transformed through a hand-drawn computer-aided process into an ever-changing composite portrait that preserves the dignity and identity of the women, while creating a unique and powerful visual language to deliver their stories. As viewers pass by, their movement and shape is woven into the ongoing video narrative.